Since 1967 the Zamir Choral Foundation has regularly led mission to Israel that included musical programs, touring, and interacting with the citizens of Israel.  In addition to encounters with Israeli choirs and other musicians, Zamir ensembles have performed in major concert halls, and for residents in a variety of settings, including programs for the elderly and at community centers across the country.  The Zamir Choral Foundation is especially proud to have taken 3 missions to Israel in 2002-2003, at the height of the second Intifada, when tourism was at an all-time low, and when Zamir’s presence fostered bonds of friendship and support between the North American Jewish community and her brothers and sisters in the Jewish state.


Zamir Chorale’s first trip to Israel, in the immediate aftermath of the Six Day War

1970Zamir Chorale sings in the Zimriyah
1973Zamir Chorale singing mission includes performances at the Suez Canal for Israeli soldiers stationed there
1975Zamir Chorale Mission to Israel
1977Zamir Chorale Mission to Israel
1983Zamir Chorale Mission to Israel
1988Zamir Chorale sings in the Zimriyah and celebrates Israel’s 40th anniversary
1996North American Jewish Choral Festival convenes in Israel in celebration of Jerusalem 3000 with 200 singers in attendance; HaZamir sponsors its first-ever 5-week summer tour across Israel 
1997HaZamir Summer Tour 
2000HaZamir Summer Tour 
2002Zamir Choral Foundation Mission to Israel celebrates the “Bar Mitzvah” of the North American Jewish Choral Festival 

Zamir Chorale takes a whirlwind 3-day trip to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Zimriyah; additional performances at Independence Hall, a Jerusalem community center and a nursing home

2003Zamir Choral Foundation Mission to Israel  
2008Zamir Choral Foundation celebrates Israel at 60{#/pub/images/ZCFcelebratesIsraels60thinIsrael.jpg}
2013HaZamir Winter Israel Tour