Zamir Choral Foundation to Honor Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer


The Zamir Choral Foundation will honor Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer with its Kinor David Award at the HaZamir Gala Concert at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, on Sunday afternoon, March 22.

Dr. Ruth Westheimer may best be known for her many television, radio and lecture hall appearances, but that is only  a small part of her rich and diversidied life.  Born in Germany, she went to Switzerland at the age of ten to escape the Holocaust, which wiped out her entire immediate family.  At seventeen she moved to Palestine, joined the Haganah, trained to be a sniper and was seriously wounded in a bomb blast during the War of Independence.  She later studied at the Sorbonne and in 1956 moved to the U.S. where she received an MA in Sociology from the New School of Social Research and Doctorate (Ed.D. in the Interdisciplinary Study of the Family from Columbia University Teacher’s College.

Music has always been an important component of Dr. Ruth’s life.  As explained in her 2003 book, Musically Speaking, A Life Through Song, melodies and words of songs she knew as a child provided a link with her past.  A fan of the Zamir Choral Foundation for decades, Dr. Westheimer established a scholarship fund for HaZamir singers.  HaZamir performances and interaction with the teen singers fill her with optimism and hope for our future.  She is thrilled by the growth of HaZamir Israel.

The Kinor David Award was established in 2013 to honor those who have a made a meaningful contribution to HaZamir through their efforts and dedication to the organization.  The Zamir Choral Foundation is proud to add Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer to its list of worthy recipients.

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