Nofshon 2016

By: HaZamir

On Sunday afternoon, 60 teenage singers from across Israel travelled to Beit She'an to rehearse and enjoy a day of bonding and music. HaZamir Beit She'an hosted this wondeful event, which we efectionately call our NOFSHON and they welcomed their peers from HaZamir Jerusalem, HaZamir Ashkelon, HaZamir Karmiel Misgav, HaZamir Ofakim Merchavim and HaZamir HaSharon into their community.

The singers, along with their conductors and coordinators greeted Mati Lazar, founder of the Zamir Choral Foundation and Vivian Lazar, Director of HaZamir, visiting from New York. They worked to refine the repertoire that will eventually be performed at the gala concert in Lincoln Center in March.

In addition to 2 days of singing, the teens celebrated Chanukah together, lit the menorah (chanukia) and of course had pleanty of Jelly donuts. The entire event culminated in a grand  open rehearsal, with parents and even Israeli dignitaries present to hear the results of their hard work.

Check out these photos from our Nofshon and visit our facebook page to see a livestream of the open rehearsal!