NAJCF - 4 Days Away!

By: HaZamir

The 28th annual North American Jewish Choral Festival is just 4 days away. 
 Some notable performances include HaZamir Chamber Choir, Zamir Noded, The Zamir Chorale, and the Maccabeats!
 Conductors Eleanor Epstein and Joshua Jacobson will receive the Zamir Choral Foundation's 2017 Hallel V'Zimrah Award. A fixture of the summer event since 2004, the Hallel V'Zimrah Award recognizes one or more individuals who have made a signicant contribution to the world of Jewish choral music.  Eleanor Epstein, founding director of Zemer Chai, the Jewish Chorale of the Nation's Capital, and Joshua Jacobson, founding director of the Zamir Chorale of Boston, have made their marks as conductors of their own ensembles, and in the integral role they have played at NAJCF since its start in 1990.  We are proud to recognize their dedication to Jewish choral music and their leadership in promoting excellence.
 We can't wait to see everyone at this weeklong celebration of Jewish Choral musical!