Intervisitation and Chamber Choir Retreat

By: HaZamir

Singers and Conductors from all 29 HaZamir USA chapters gathered in Boston over the past weekend to participate in the annual HaZamir Intervisitation and Chamber Choir Retreat. Our singers were given the opportunity to work with conductors from all HaZamir chapters truly making it a cross country event. From the moment HaZamirniks entered the building, they were greated by the smiles, waves, and hugs of the Teen Leaders.

The excitement continued to build as the first notes were sung and each song of this year's repertoire came together in a glorious way. With each rehearsal, the pieces were refined and polished and our Teens were able to envision what they will sound like as a grand choir this coming March.

Our Chamber Choir had the opportunity to begin working with Maestro Matthew Lazar on their music which undoubtedly will be a highlight of our Gala Concert.

To close the first night, the Teen Leaders performed a parody song about HaZamir for their peers. It was a not to be missed moment.

The grand finale of the retreat was an "open rehearsal" as members of the Boston community were invited to hear the final run through of each of the HaZamir 2017 songs. The 2 day retreat concluded with hugs, (some tears) and and cell phone numbers were exchanged as lifelong friendships were made.

Until March!!!











Photo Credit: Lev Avery-Peck and Alan Avery-Peck