HaZamir Intervisitations Begin the Journey to Carnegie Hall

By: HaZamir: The International Jewish High School Choir

Recent HaZamir gatherings in the Midwest and in Boston marked the road to Carnegie Hall as preparations proceed for this year's 23rd annual Gala Concert on April 3.

On January 10, singers from HaZamir Cleveland, HaZamir Columbus and HaZamir Pittsburgh convened in Cleveland for their MidVis (HaZamir Midwest InterVisitation). Zamir Choral Foundation Founder and Director Matthew Lazar (who created HaZamir in 1993) joined HaZamir Conductors Lynne Yulish (HaZamir Cleveland), Susan Lubow (HaZamir Columbus) and Douglas Levine (HaZamir Pittsburgh) in leading rehearsals for the gathered singers. HaZamir International Director Vivian Lazar offered special appreciation to Midwest Coordinator Sandy Laserson for facilitating the event.

A week later, 200+ singers from 15 East Coast HaZamir Chapters, along with Chamber Choir Singers from across the US, gathered in Boston for the HaZamir Northeast Intervisitation & Chamber Choir Retreat. The event, held January 17-18 was preceeded by a leadership training session held over Shabbat for all US Teen Leaders. Special training was offered by Zoe Avery-Grossman, an Alumna of HaZamir Bergen County who served as first-ever International Teen Leader Chair, and wrote the guide book for Teen Leaders still in use.

The Boston gathering concluded with an "Open Rehearsal" attended by local parents and friends of HaZamir, including several HaZamir Alumni attending colleges in the Boston area. At that time, Vivian Lazar expressed her gratitude to the 18 HaZamir Conductors in attendance, whose multiple talents were on display as accompanists and soloists as well as conductors as the teens presented "in process performances" of several of the selections to be sung at the Carnegie Hall Gala Concert on April 3. She also offered her appreciation to the HaZamir Boston community (and especially HaZamir Boston Coordinator Francene Sokol and her husband, Rav-Hazzan Scott Sokol) for their attention to the myriad details that made the event possible.

Yet another HaZamir InterVisitation, a "Nofshon" will be held next week to prepare the six HaZamir Israel chapters for their journey to the US to join their American friends on the stage of Carnegie Hall.

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