Choral Music as a Driver of Teen Engagement

By: HaZamir

HaZamir is thrilled to share the attached article, recently published on

HaZamir Director, Vivan Lazar explains that the HaZamir program, unlike any other, actively inspires teens to embrace their Jewish heritage, forge strong ties to Israel, and find their place amonst our community, all through their performance of high level Jewish choral music.

"By offering substantive Jewish content – classical, historical, liturgical, rabbinic, and other texts – through the prism of a piece of music, we circumvent the resistance to Jewish learning that unfortunately affects many teens today. HaZamir has seen solitary teens emerge as leaders, finding their voices literally and figuratively; teens bullied in school for being Jewish, find a sense of community; from rehearsals so inspired by the music and Jewish text they learned, that some composed their own award-winning music; other teens begin taking on specific Jewish practices in spite of staunchly secular Israeli backgrounds.

These are only a few examples of how music can serve as an engagement prompt, raising deep curiosity and connection to Jewish texts, values, and history."

Here is the link to the article.