22nd Annual HaZamir Season Begins!

By: HaZamir

We are so excited for the start of the 22nd annual HaZamir season!

We launched three new HaZamir chapters in Israel: HaZamir Ashkelon, HaZamir Jerusalem and HaZamir Karmiel/Misgav.

We welcome new HaZamir Conductors: Guy Frati of HaZamir Ashkelon, Cantor Michelle Teplitz of HaZamir Central Jersey, Cantor Rick Lawrence of HaZamir Cleveland, Maya Polizer of HaZamir Jerusalem, Rima Priimak of HaZamir Karmiel/Misgav and Adina Frydman of HaZamir Westchester.

And welcome back to all our veteran conductors, coordinators and all HaZamir singers, old and new!

We are excited to sing with you this year!