Zamir Choral Foundation Mission

The Zamir Choral Foundation, created by Matthew Lazar, promotes choral music as a vehicle to inspire Jewish life, culture, and continuity. Building on the success of the Zamir Chorale, the first modern Hebrew-singing choir in North America, Mr. Lazar sought an expansive vision that went beyond the activities of any single choir - one that fostered Jewish identity across generational and denominational lines. Today, the Zamir Choral Foundation is at the center of a growing movement that preserves and fosters Jewish identity through Jewish choral music.
The Zamir Choral Foundation's mission is fulfilled by:
  • Fostering Jewish commitment through Jewish choral singing
  • Community building across denominational, political and generational lines
  • Raising standards of excellence in musical performance
  • Strengthening cultural ties between Israelis and American Jews 
  • Training the next generation of Jewish music professionals
  • Facilitating leadership skills in the next generation 
  • Creating dynamic, cutting-edge Jewish music programming
  • Commissioning and premiering new Jewish choral works
A Network

An expanding group of choirs across North America that offers those who love to sing the opportunity to join together a rich repertoire of Jewish choral music past and present. Under Zamir's guidance and encouragement, many new choirs have formed in communities across North America and Europe.

An Educational Organization

Bringing together scholars, teachers, performers, practitioners and enthusiasts to learn and perform with the highest standards for repertoire and performance. Through concerts, conferences, workshops, publishing and the exchange of information, Zamir is expanding the body of knowledge about Jewish choral music and introducing generations, new and old, to the vital role of Jewish choral music in our culture.

A Catalyst for Traditional and New Music

Helping bring about a rebirth of Jewish choral music. Zamir has worked to rediscover and promote the music of our past. And, through the Mandell Rosen Fund for New Music, we have fostered a generation of new composers and works to extend and expand that centuries-old tradition. In addition, the Foundation's network of choirs has commissioned exciting new compositions that add to the repertoire, and they have become the vehicles for the performance of this new body of music.

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