The Mission of HaZamir

HaZamir: The International Jewish High School Choir is a network of choral chapters across the United States and Israel which provides Jewish teens with a high level choral experience in a Jewish environment.  HaZamir transcends boundaries, giving teenagers a valuable and rare trans-denominational experience as an opportunity to forge close bonds and unite in a common goal: music.

The mission of HaZamir is to:

  • Perform at the highest musical standard
  • Strengthen Jewish identity
  • Build Pluralistic Jewish community
  • Facilitate Leadership skills
  • Forge strong ties to Israel

HaZamir chapters are directed by talented conductors whose devotion to the highest standard of Jewish music-making helps to inspire the next generation of Jewish choral singers.

Each week, HaZamir chapters meet to rehearse a shared repertoire before coming together for regional, national and international events where chapters meet, rehearse together, and grow in friendship before the season culminates in the Annual Gala Concert at a major performance venue in New York City. HaZamir Alumni perform at the Gala Concert in their own ensemble and the HaZamir Chamber Choir, HaZamir’s honors choir, performs as a select ensemble. The gala performance, in particular, brings together music, Judaism, community and spirituality in a powerful blend that can be nothing short of life-changing.

There are 31 HaZamir chapters across the United States and Israel:

  1. HaZamir Baltimore, MD
  2. HaZamir Bergen County, NJ
  3. HaZamir Boston, MA
  4. HaZamir Brooklyn, NY
  5. HaZamir Central Jersey, NJ
  6. HaZamir Cleveland, OH
  7. HaZamir Columbus, OH
  8. HaZamir DC, Washington D.C.
  9. HaZamir Hartford, CT
  10. HaZamir Houston, TX
  11. HaZamir Long Island, NY
  12. HaZamir Los Angeles, CA
  13. HaZamir Manhattan, NY
  14. HaZamir Miami, FL
  15. HaZamir Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
  16. HaZamir North Jersey, NJ
  17. HaZamir North Texas, TX
  18. HaZamir Palm Beaches, FL
  19. HaZamir Philadelphia, PA
  20. HaZamir Pittsburgh, PA
  21. HaZamir Providence, RI
  22. HaZamir Rockland, NY
  23. HaZamir Silicon Valley, CA
  24. HaZamir South Jersey, NJ
  25. HaZamir Westchester, NY
  26. HaZamir Ashkelon, Israel
  27. HaZamir Beit She’an, Israel
  28. HaZamir Jerusalem, Israel
  29. HaZamir Karmiel/Misgav, Israel 
  30. HaZamir Kfar Saba, Israel
  31. HaZamir Ofakim/Merchavim, Israel

Since its establishment 23 years ago, HaZamir has touched two generations of Jewish teens across the United States and Israel in ways that are rebounding back on our community. Many have gone on to form classical choirs and a cappella groups, study for the rabbinate and the cantorate, sing in adult choirs and assume leadership roles, both lay and professional, in the Jewish community. HaZamir has reached an emotional core in young people. Participation in HaZamir lays an important foundation for continuing Jewish values later in life, as well as offering the ability to meet challenges and develop personal skills within a communal context. HaZamir invests in Jewish teens with the goal of shaping the next generation of Jewish adults with a deeper understanding of the values, tradition and glory of Judaism and artistic expression.

Our thanks to those who helped make the Gala Concert at Carnegie Hall on April 3rd such a success. Visit to view the digital ad journal.