Teen Leadership


The HaZamir Teen Leadership Program was established to prepare the next generation to take its place at the helm of the Jewish community in both professional and lay positions. 

Through an interview process, Teen Leaders are nominated and apply for this position, each representing his or her chapter. 1-3 Teen Leaders are accepted in the TL program from each chapter.

Teen Leaders receive training in leadership and community building skills as well as workshops in Israel engagement and advocacy. They meet in person several times a year and continue weekly communication through closed and supervised on-line directives and projects.

Teen Leaders also model leadership at local regional, national and international events, supporting their local conductors and running social activities throughout the course of HaZamir retreats.

The Teen Leadership activities include:

  • Teen Leader Orienation - Leadership orientation and training retreatwhich will focus on building a community within a community for the Teen Leaders. They will be trained to take leadership roles in their chapters particularly at the beginning of the season when many new members come to the first rehearsal and need warm welcoming. All Teen Leaders will for this start-of-season training.
    • HaZamir USA (August 28-29, 2016)
    • HaZamir Israel (August 29-30, 2016)
  • Teen Leader Shabbaton (January 13-14, 2017)– Every January, the International Teen Leaders gather for a Shabbaton where they share Shabbat as they build a pluralistic community, receive leadership training and work with professionals to further their leadership skills. Teen Leaders will spend a weekend together. Professionals in leadership and community building training will be brought in, along with Israel Engagement professionals to educate the Teen Leaders. Teen Leaders will also spend time preparing social activities to run for the 200 HaZamir members who will attend the Winter Intervisitation/Chamber Choir Retreat that is held the following Sunday and Monday.
  • HaZamir Festival Weekend (March 23 - March 26, 2017) – Teen Leaders will get continued training and implementation of acquired leadership skills with the entire HaZamir movement.  Evaluation and planning sessions will be part of the follow up.
  • Development of an online program bank, under the guidance of the Teen Leader Fellow, who will help create and collect innovative program ideas and will offer the program bank as a resource for all of the chapters.
  • Year-round, online networking between the Teen Leaders participants through closed Facebook groups, supervised on line chat sand other social media as well as targeted webinars, with facilitation and mentoring by the Teen Leader Fellow to help encourage the development of programs that both strengthen the chapters and provide opportunities for outreach to the community through service and education.