Kinor David Award

The Kinor David Award was established in 2013 to honor those who have a made a meaningful contribution to HaZamir through their efforts and dedication to the organization.


2015 Recipient: Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer 


Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer may best be known for her many television, radio and lecture hall appearances but that is only a small part of her rich and diversified life. Born in Germany, at the age of ten she went to Switzerland to escape the Holocaust, which wiped out her entire immediate family. At seventeen she moved to Palestine, joined the Haganah, was trained to be a sniper and was seriously wounded in a bomb blast during the War of Independence. She later studied at the Sorbonne and in 1956 moved to the U.S. where she obtained an M.A. in Sociology from the New School of Social Research and Doctorate (Ed.D.) in the Interdisciplinary Study of the Family from Columbia University Teacher’s College. Dr. Westheimer’s work for Planned Parenthood led her to study human sexuality under Dr. Helen Singer Kaplan at New York Hospital-Cornell. She taught courses at various institutions of higher learning including Princeton, Yale, and currently at Columbia’s Teachers College. She has a private practice in New York and lectures worldwide. Music has always been an important component of her life. As explained in her 2003 book, Musically Speaking, A Life Through Song, melodies and words of songs she knew as a child provided a link with her past. A fan of the Zamir Choral Foundation for decades, Dr. Westheimer established a scholarship fund for HaZamir singers. Hearing HaZamir perform and interacting with the teen singers fills her with the optimism of youth and hope for our future. She is particularly thrilled by the growth of HaZamir Israel. Dr. Westheimer is the author of 38 books, the latest of which is Myths of Love, and the executive producer of five documentaries. Dr. Westheimer, a widow, has two children, four grandchildren, and resides in New York City.


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2014 Recipients: Elena Neuman Lefkowitz and Jay Lefkowitz

Elena Neuman Lefkowitz and Jay Lefkowitz have been deeply involved in the Zamir Choral Foundation since they settled in New York in 2004.  An alto in the Zamir Chorale, Elena serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors and Development Committee Chair of the Zamir Choral Foundation.  Their daughter, Tali sang with HaZamir Manhattan in high school and recently founded Zamir Noded, ZCF’s newest choir for young adults.

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2013 Recipients: Adina Avery-Grossman and Harman Grossman

Adina Avery- Grossman and Harman Grossman, our first recipients of the Kinor David Award, became involved with HaZamir on the local level with HaZamir Bergen County when their daughter Zoe was a member. As Festival chaperones, they were smitten by the work that the organization does with both American and Israeli teens. Their greatest joy has been hosting Israeli singers and their conductor in their home in the week leading up to the annual concert. Adina is a dedicated member of the Zamir Choral Foundation Board of Directors and Co-Chair of the HaZamir Committee of the Board.

Special tribute was paid to Cantor Lawrence Avery, Adina’s father for his commitment to a life filled with Jewish music.

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