HaZamir Chamber Choir


The HaZamir Chamber Choir is the honors choir of HaZamir and performs a more challenging repertoire of music than the tutti ensemble. Singers from all HaZamir chapters as well as singers from cities which do not yet have HaZamir chapters are eligible to audition for the Chamber Choir. Acceptance into the HaZamir Chamber Choir is determined by an additional audition process. Chamber Choir singers must be experienced choral singers, read music and be vocally accomplished. 


Membership in the group unites singers from across the United States and Israel for a set of special performances and workshops throughout the HaZamir season.  A focused rehearsal schedule keeps the standard of the HaZamir Chamber Choir at the same high level as other All-City and All-State ensembles. The HaZamir Chamber Choir experience enables its singers to develop a strong sense of discipline, and affirms their membership in a “community within a community.”


Every year, the HaZamir Chamber Choir performs a separate set of repertoire at the Annual HaZamir Gala Concert. The group also has a standing invitation to perform at the opening night concert of the North American Jewish Choral Festival.